Effective Islamic English Cross-Communication – EIECC

Effective Islamic English Cross-Communication – EIECC


Developing Global Leaders in Presenting

The HRD & Education Senior Consultant & Lead Facilitator
Dr. Khalid I. Al-Dossary

Cross-Cultural Communcation Center
for Learning and Educational Consultations


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There are many people who speak English well, and who have good basic knowledge of Islam, yet they are unable to lead in taking advantage of life opportunities to communicate effectively cross-culturally in English on Islamic subjects (and this applies also to native language). This is primarily because they lack the right level of certain competencies like Islamic English of terms and verbiage, leadership from within and cross-cultural communication skills to do so and the team spirit. Therefore, the EIECC program is designed to help you improve your much needed and essential competencies while walking the Daw͛ah HRD Quality in VISION
Our Motto and direction is ͚How to Become an Islamic Exhibit On the Move͛
Build Well-rounded individuals by providing them with plentiful Dawah opportunities to
 Realize their fullest potential
 Learn how to communicate ideas
 And search for innovative solutions.

Aims & Objectives

The general aim of this program is designed to help motivate Muslims who speak English reasonably & fluently to lead in presenting Islam effectively to non-Muslims & spread the message of peace to the
The objectives of the program are such that on completion, participants should have:
 an improvement of the cross-cultural Islamic English Communication Competence
 learning a very powerful a new model of self-directed learning to continue learning after the  a reasonable knowledge of Islamic terminology & jargon to refute misconceptions
 the basic ability to discuss Islamic concepts in English cross-culturally
 the ability to give short presentations on Islamic topics of their choice
 Ignition of the passion to lead in using English communication skills for presenting Islam

The EIECC program philosophy of learning and leadership can easily be applied to for any language and country; it’s customizable

Personal Impact

 You will be able to develop your communication and leadership skills in Daw͛ah
 You will be able to recognize and use practically some Islamic terminologies, verbiage and
 You will be able to strengthen collaborative communication learning in teams and building
communities of commitment
 You will learn a new model of self-directed learning to continue learning after the workshops  You will be able to enhance cross-cultural communication skills with non-Muslims
 You will be able to grasp more Daw͛ah opportunities and hence better Daw͛ah motivations


Who Should Attend
The main requirement is the participant͛s willingness and commitment to present Islam in its true light. Nevertheless, prospective participants must possess an acceptable level of fluency in English and should be able to take part in a conversation on general topics.